Q.Can I transfer my items like the service of En Masse before?


Unfortunately, the service is no longer available in the Naddic World Closers server. If you would like to transfer your items, the only way is to use Seals to repackage your item.

Q.Is there a bonus when I purchase from the Washing Machine?


Yes! You will get the following bonus based on the total amount of your purchase. Please refer to the table below:

Number of purchases at a time Bonus Washing Machine
0~9 0
10~29 1
30~49 5
50~99 10
100~149 25
150~199 50
200 80

Q.When does the server reset?


The server resets at 4:00 AM UTC. For weekly resets, it will be on Saturday at 4:00 AM UTC.

Q.What time is it in Closers?


Server time in Closers is based on UTC. If you want to know what the current time is on the server, type /time in chat (press Enter to open chat).

Many events in Closers start at 6am UTC. Head over to timeanddate.com to see what 6am UTC +0 is in your time zone.